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September 2012

Just in case you haven't been keeping up with news via our Blog, these are the results from shows this year.

Grayrigg Show

(no individual breed classes - a mix of Shorthorns, Ayrshires and Holsteins)

Heifer in milk
1st - Strickley Dairymaid 5th
Dry cow
1st - Strickley Starlet 94th
Cow in milk
1st - Strickley Starbud 3rd
Group of Three
Pair of Female Cattle
Supreme Female Champion
Supreme Cattle Champion
Reserve Champion

Westmorland County Show

Heifer in Milk (having calved under 3 years) - Strickley Dairymaid 5th

Cow in Milk (having calved twice) - Strickley Lily 13th

Cow in Milk (having calved 3 times or more) - Strickley Starbud 35th

We also won -

Champion Shorthorn - Strickley Dairymaid 5th

Reserve Champion Shorthorn - Strickley Starbud 35th

Junior Shorthorn Champion - Strickley Dairymaid 5th

Group of Three Shorthorns

Best Udder - Strickley Starbud 35th

and, in the interbreed -

Reserve Junior Champion - Strickley Dairymaid 5th

Reserve Exhibitor Bred - Strickley Dairymaid 5th

October 2011

Another long gap between updates. Once again the answer is that we've posting all our news on the Strickley Blog - see below for link, or click the button on the home page. If you've been keeping up with our Blogging, you'll know we have a new weather station. As well as updating the weather page on this main site - see link on left and on the home page - it sends updates to our Blog, to WOW, and now three times a day to Twitter.

One of my aims in the next few months is to redo the Shorthorn pages - so watch this space.

January 2011

Apologies for the lack of updates in this section - we have been posting all the Strickley news on our Blog - click on the link above, or use the url http://strickley.blogspot.com/, and save in favourites.

September 2009

Westmorland County Show

The showground has been rearranged this year, with more space for the cows (and us) than we've ever had, and by moving the cattle classes to the main ring, the public have a chance to see what an agricultural show is really about. The stewards were determined to keep to the timetable and kept the classes moving with no gaps in between. The judge Gwndaf James from Ceredigion had some strong classes to judge and seemed to like the Strickley stock. Once again the sideboard has filled up with silverware.

Maiden Heifer under 18mths
1st Strickley Goldie 196th
Heifer in Calf
1st Strickley Starlet 94th
Cow in Calf
2nd Strickley Annabella 117th
Heifer in Milk
1st Strickley Athena 3rd
4th Strickley Goldie 181st
Cow in Milk
1st Strickley Starlet 90th
4th Strickley Pansy
Best Group of Three
The John Handley Memorial Trophy
3 Strickley heifer/cows
Champion Dairy Shorthorn
The Aspden Perpetual Challenge Cup
Strickley Starlet 90th
Reserve Champion
Strickley Athena 3rd
Best Exhibitor Bred
& Best Udder
Strickley Starlet 90th

Grayrigg Show

Having suffered with the rain and waterlogged field last year, Grayrigg Show relocated for this year to Kendal Auction.
Heifer calf under 12 months
1st Strickley Goldie 196
Heifer in milk
1st Strickley Starlet 91
Dry Cow
1st Strickley Annabella 117
Dairy Cow in milk
Strickley Pansy
Best group comprising newly calved cow or heifer, in-calf cow or heifer and yearling heifer.
Semex UK Challenge Cup
W S Hodgson Silver Rose Bowl
D W Dennis-Thompson Silver Challenge Cup

July 2009

Penrith Show

As usual there was a good turnout from the Dairy Shorthorn breeders (9 of them bringing 38 animals between them). There's always a good entry for the calf classes as the main Shorthorn classes are followed by the North of England Calf Show. We hadn't taken any calves this year, but 6 cows and heifers.
Heifer in calf
1st Strickley Athena 3
Cow in calf
1st Strickley Annabella 117
Cow in milk
2nd Strickley Dairymaid 2
3rd Strickley Starlet 90
Group of 3
1st Strickley group

June 2009

Royal Highland Show

Heifer in Calf
1st Strickley Athena 3
Heifer in Milk
1st Strickley Starlet 91
Cow in Calf
Strickley Annabella 117
Cow in Milk
Strickley Goldie 162
Reserve Champion Shorthorn
Strickley Annabella 117
Junior Shorthorn Champion
Strickley Athena 3
Reserve Junior Champion
Strickley Starlet 91
Best Pair
Strickley Annabella 117 & Athena 3
June 2009
I'm sure you will have seen and heard about the demise of Dairy Farmers of Britain and there's little to be gained from reiterating it here. We are now with another buyer - OMSCO and are reasonably hopeful about the future. But, we've said that before.

September 11th 2008

Westmorland County Show

At last a show free from rain, though the Society had put a lot of time, money and effort in ensuring that stock, trade stands and cattle could get on (and off) the Showground.

There was a good entry in the Dairy Shorthorn classes and the new larger tent was much appreciated. The cows had room, there was room to keep all the feed and showing paraphernalia, as well as room for Team Strickley to sit and eat and watch the world go by.

Maiden heifer under 18 months
1st Strickley Athena 3
5th Strickley Athena 2
(twins by Nejay Prince)
Heifer in calf under 3 years old
1st Strickley Telstar 13
Cow in calf
2nd Strickley Goldie 162
Heifer in milk
1st Strickley Starlet 90
3rd Strickley Goldie 173
Cow in milk
3rd Strickley Starlet 51
4th Strickley Pansy
Group of Three
1st - Starlet 90, Starlet 51 & Pansy
Reserve Champion
Strickley Starlet 90

September 4th 2008

Grayrigg & Selside Show

This was cancelled at the last minute as the field was so waterlogged.

The On Farm classes had already been judged and we won the cup for the Best Dairy Herd.

August 6th 2008

Cartmel Show

Maiden Heifer - Strickley Athena 3

Heifer or Cow in Milk - 1st Strickley Goldie 173

                                2nd Strickley Goldie 175

            3rd Fillpail

Dry Cow - 2nd - Geri

Pair - 1st (the 2 Goldies)

Champion Dairy Shorthorn - Strickley Goldie 173

Best Farmers Group of 3 females, any breed - 2nd


July 26th 2008

Penrith Show

Maiden Heifer - 1st Strickley Athena 3 (class of 19)

Heifer in Milk - 1st Strickley Goldie 175

Cow in Milk - Strickley Dairymaid 2

Group of Three - 2nd

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Strickley Goldie 175

North of England Calf Show Champion - Strickley Athena 3


July 18th 2008

James took five cows and heifers to the Royal Lancashire Show, in great anticipation of a good show.

But, bad luck seems to head Lancashire's way. The cows were all bedded down in the cattle tent on Thursday night and the handlers relaxing before the big day tomorrow, when word came that there would be no public allowed in. The field was so waterlogged that it had been deemed unsafe. The Cattle classes went ahead as planned on the Friday, but by then all of Saturday and Sunday were also cancelled. With no spectators, apart from other breeders, the Grand Parade and Prizegiving were also cancelled. But we weren't too downhearted; there were four exhibitors there and we came away with a collection of rosettes. The cups will be delivered later, and I hope to have some photographs (of cows, not cups) in the next few days.

MAIDEN HEIFER under 10months - 2nd- Strickley Annabella 140
MAIDEN HEIFER, 10-15 months - 1st - Strickley Athena 3
COW in calf - 2nd - Strickley Dainty Princess 3
HEIFER in milk - 1st - Strickley Goldie 175
COW in milk - 1st - Strickley Dairymaid 2

The Joseph Hutchinson Perpetual Trophy for the Best Dairy Shorthorn - Strickley Dairymaid 2
The Eaton Challenge Cup for the Reserve Champion Shorthorn - Strickley Goldie 175


June 1st 2008

After two years of Conversion we are now 100% Organic. The first tanker load of organic milk has already left the farm.

We usually have stock available to sell, so if you are looking for Organic cows, heifers and calves get in touch with us

December 2007


Judged by Edward Crank


1st Winbrook Herd G A & D W Dent

2nd Strickley Herd W H & K M Robinson

3rd Brafell Herd J Teasdale & Son


1st Mooriggs Herd Mrs S Armstrong & Family

2nd Waters Herd Messrs E Wood

3rd Oakthwaite Herd Michael J Dobson


 1st Winbrook Herd G A & D W Dent

2nd Strickley Herd W H & K M Robinson

3rd Brafell Herd J Teasdale & Son


1st Mooriggs Herd Mrs S Armstrong & Family

2nd Tahuna Herd David Jackson

3rd Waters Herd Messrs E Wood


1ST Strickley Athena W H & K M Robinson

2nd Winbrook Jill G A & D W Dent

3rd Oakthwaite Barrington Michael J Dobson


1st Winbrook Dewdrop 113 G A & D W Dent

2nd Strickley Goldie 169 W H & K M Robinson

3rd Winbrook Clara 14 G A & D W Dent


1st Winbrook King Henry G A & D W Dent

2nd Winbrook Diamond W H & K M Robinson

3rd Nejay Prince W H & K M Robinson


1st Hooton Fair Perfection W H & K M Robinson

2nd Rodway Flourish W H & K M Robinson

3rd Winbrook Gilly G A & D W Dent


Winbrook Gilly G A & D W Dent


1ST Marleycote Peeress Rose 318 G A & D W Dent

2nd Strickley Pansy W H & K M Robinson

3rd Strickley Lily 5 W H & K M Robinson


Strickley Lily 5 W H & K M Robinson

November 2007

There's a little bit of Somerset that will be forever Strickley

A contingent of Strickley Shorthorns has gone off to pastures new in Somerset

33 in milk cows and heifers, maiden heifers and calves.

Shorthorn Society's Show and Sale

November 3rd 2007

at Chelford - online catalogue available soon

Come and see our new calved heifers and young stock

August 1st 2007

Cartmel Show

(this was our first local show this year as both the Royal Lancashire and Penrith were cancelled because of the weather)

Calf under 12 months - Second (Goldie 181)

Heifer or Cow in Milk - First (Pansy) and Second (Goldie 162)

Dry Cow - First (Geri)

Pair of Shorthorn Females - First (Pansy and Geri)

Dairy Shorthorn Champion - Pansy

Interbreed - Best Pair of Female Cattle of any breed - First (Pansy and Geri)

July 2007

As Penrith Show was cancelled, The North of England Calf Show was held at Strickley.

See our Blog for full details

June 2007

Royal Highland Show

Maiden Heifer - First (Goldie 176)
Heifer in Milk - First (Goldie 162)
Dry Cow - Third (Lady Serene 2)
Cow in Milk - First (Pansy)
Junior Champion - Goldie 162
Reserve Junior Champion - Goldie 176
Champion Dairy Shorthorn - Pansy

Honourable mention - Goldie 162

May 20th 2007

Another Grandchild!

Glenn & Victoria had a baby boy in Leicester at 7:30 pm

Fletcher David Shipley - 9lb 1oz

Mother and baby (and father and big brother Elliot) are now back home in Wigston,

and adjusting to life with a new baby.

April 2007

For even more up to date news - read our BLOG!

updated on a daily (almost) basis

October 4th 2006

A new Grandchild!

Robert & Claire had a baby girl in Chesterfield hospital at 11:30 am.

Isabella Beatrice - 9lb 15oz!

Mother and baby (and father) are doing well, and are back home in Belper.

(I will update the tree on here as soon as possible, but the version on Tribal Pages is already up to date)

September 27th 2006

See the Family Tree page for details of a new way to view the tree

September 14th 2006

Westmorland County Show

This was one of the wettest shows for a long time, which means I don't have any photographs fit to publish -

the ones taken outside are covered in rain drops, and those taken inside the tent are either misted up, or the

cows are obscured by the hoards of show goers sheltering from the downpour.

The Shorthorn Champion was from David Dent's Winbrook herd, and Strickley Pansy (see Cumberland Show) was Reserve.

September 7th 2006

Grayrigg and Selside Show

It was a perfect day out - warm and sunny with success not only with the cows (Dairy Champion for Goldie 146),

but also for James & Michelle with their Wellbank vegetables. Unfortunately there are no photographs of the onions and carrots,

but to see Goldie 146, click on the thumbnail to take you to the Show Page

August 7th 2006

Cartmel Show

Another early start - this time trying to make sure we looked as good as the cows as Border TV

were going to be there filming "Best in Show" - a project that started for us on 26th May - see below.

Click on the thumbnail to take you to the Show Page

We weren't the only ones there early - the film crew were there to capture everything from washing the cows to judging,

and to record the happy faces at the end of the day.

The programme was broadcast on Sunday 3rd September at 6 o' clock - and fortunately wasn't as embarrassing as we had feared!

July 15th 2006

Cumberland Show

Up even earlier than usual. A very hot day, but we could take shelter from the heat in the new Cattle Tent.

A very successful day for the Strickley herd with 4 firsts, a second and a third, crowned with

Champion Dairy Shorthorn.

Click on the thumbnail to take you to photographs of shows.

June 1st 2006

Two very important dates in the Strickley Robinsons' calendar

Our daughter Victoria married Glenn Shipley in a relaxed family orientated wedding in Leicestershire

and . . . .

We started our Organic Conversion!

Tuesday 30th May 2006

Pentalk Network Awards Night

Our website was awarded the "Hope's Auction Award" for best website


Friday 26th May 2006 -Lights - Camera -Action!

A team of three (reporter, cameraman and sound engineer) spent two hours with us, filming footage for a programme to be shown on Border TV later in the year. They are making a series of six programmes called "Best in Show". And as far as we understand it, each one is centred on one show (mainly agricultural) in the Border region. They are spending some time with an exhibitor from each show before the event, and then following it up at the show itself. We were kindly "volunteered" by the secretary of Cartmel Show as we have been going there for many years.

After an introductory talk Henry and myself (Kathleen) were asked to talk about the family and farm history and why we keep Shorthorns, while trying to sound natural and ignore the camera, lights and microphone. There was much discussion what to do about the ticking of the grandfather clock. The reporter liked the sound of it, but the sound engineer thought it might be too loud. So in the end we compromised - stopped the clock, and filmed our bit without it. We then started the clock and they took a recording of it ticking (to be added to the film later). They also recorded some silence!

In case we never make it to the screen, we took our own photographs to prove it did happen.

We then moved outside into the drizzle and brought on the next two stars in the making - James and a very placid cow "Strickley Fillpail". (A former Champion at Cartmel)

Both James and Fillpail were naturals in front of the camera. James explained what judges look for and how we prepare the cows for showing. The Border team also filmed our young calves and cows out in the field. How much of this two hour session makes it to the screen remains to be seen (Very little I expect as it's only a half hour programme). The likely transmission date is Sunday 5.30 pm two weeks after Cartmel Show (2nd August) - but watch this space!


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